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The jury in the Derek Chauvin murder trial hears testimony from a key medical witness. Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz faces a new potential legal earthquake. President Biden announces executive orders on gun reform. The jury looking riveted inside the courtroom today in the Derek Chauvin murder trial, a key witness speaking out. Donald Trump has actually tapped a new lawyer in that money probe against him, a of concern on his side.

But we begin with breaking news in the Matt Gaetz scandal. We have been tracking it, an associate that is tied to his legal investigations likely to plead guilty. The Trump loyalist facing a new sex allegation, and this one is about a Bahamas trip. This is in addition to those separate allegations that have been reported that range from paying for sex to sex trafficking to sex with an underage girl.

And, at this point, the DOJ is investigating, but has not charged with any crime. Now, why is today a major turning point? I will show you. Now, today, that Gaetz associate, former Florida tax collector Joel Greenberg, had a hearing to discuss a trial date.

But the hearing turned out to be fast, six minutes, actually, in all. And we will explain why, because, under this spotlight, Greenberg is now expected, according to reporting, to plead guilty now to an array of federal charges, which could include sex trafficking and sex with a minor and identity theft. So he has an incentive here to provide any evidence of any sort of criminal conduct.

And that raises a legal question that you may recall from any big case that can involve big or high-profile people. It was a big issue in the Mueller probe. The question becomes, will this person flip? Will they become a cooperating witness? Do they have knowledge of crimes by other important people?

Will this person work with the feds and the DOJ? Is there exposure here for Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz? And here is something that might haunt him. There are people who see that as an ominous for Gaetz. Gaetz or other individuals, he could, like anyone else, get a more lenient sentence. Now, all of this comes as a new report is breaking, first from CBS News -- and NBC News has confirmed this -- that the feds are probing this separate international trip Gaetz took down to the Bahamas. They believe it was in late or early In addition, the reporting says -- quote -- "Gaetz was on that trip with a marijuana entrepreneur who allegedly paid for the travel expenses, accommodations and female experts" -- end quote -- according to those sources.

Again, Gaetz denying all of these allegations. Gaetz has not been charged with any crimes. And we want to report for you, because this is a live and ongoing issue, a Gaetz spokesperson speaking out new about this latest reporting and saying -- quote -- "It looks like a general fishing exercise about vacations and consensual relationships with adults" -- end quote.

Let me start with you, Marc, because this is quite a story, I would say, no shade, but even for Florida.

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I think you summed up the case pretty well. Today was not surprising at all, because Joel Greenberg is facing child sex trafficking charges involving the same year-old girl at the heart of the Matt Gaetz investigation. And if you add all the charges together that Greenberg is facing, he faces up to life in prison.

So he has every incentive to make a deal. And the fact that Matt Gaetz is out there is a lifeline for Joel Greenberg, because Joel Greenberg is just a local tax collector.

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Matt Gaetz is a congressman. And Joel Greenberg knows where all the bodies are buried here. Let me press you for a little bit of precision here, because, in fairness, just following the facts, you said -- quote -- "pretty much confirmed. But can we read into that yet? I mean, what Greenberg said could be read as confirmation. But could he not also turn around in a few days and say, well, I was referring to why Gaetz should be uncomfortable, given all the allegations, but our clients going a different direction?

And so I have always felt that it was inevitable that this day would come. I think his lawyer, though when you say the other guy should be uncomfortable right now, that, to me, confirms that this whole deal is inevitable and imminent.

And we value your legal analysis here. I want to be clear with viewers, confirms it for you. NBC News has not confirmed a cooperation deal yet. Liz Plank, I turn to you not for the law, but for what appears to be another case of hypocrisy for a Republican Party that has -- boy, has it campaigned and talked a lot about all kinds of traditional values. They talked about it. They boasted about these things, about these alleged crimes to other men, to many other men.

So, I just wanted to echo Liz on that and, Marc, bring you in on whatever you wanted to say, but also add in some of this reporting from "WashPo" with regard to what Greenberg reportedly was doing. Among the allegations he faces is -- quote -- "abusing his access to his government database," using it to look up the personal information of people with whom he was in -- quote -- "sugar daddy relationships, including this minor, and help produce fake identification documents to facilitate his efforts to engage in commercial sex acts" -- end quote.

I did talk to eight friends and associates of the two of them. Three of them confirmed that Greenberg boasted of having had a sexual relationship with a year- old who then went on to work in pornography, appears to still work in pornography. So, if you want to use legal terminology, with regard to Mr.

Gaetz, much of this remains reported and contested.

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Liz really gives us important context, though, on what is the reported culture and environment around here. Liz, I want to bring you back in with how this is playing across the culture in late night. This is a quite a sex trafficking scandal story. I mean, look, Donald Trump has not just made it a habit, but a lifestyle, right, of defending men who have been accused of various kinds of sexual abuse or harassment for women, from Roger Ailes to even before he was president, right? And when pressed was all this, they said, how could you ever win reelection?

What is the future of Matt Gaetz politically, given what we know right now? But I think you and Liz raised an interesting point about the Republican Party, at least the Republican Party of yore, where there was more of a focus on more moral behavior and the like. Donald Trump sort of changed that. And Matt Gaetz has never presented himself as a moralizer. In fact, he likes being referred to as a ladies man. Now, that gets us to his district. His district is in Northwest Florida. His constituents love him, or at least the Republican constituents, who are the overwhelming majority of the voters there.

And we have more on just how loud he was later in the program and some of the stuff that may come back to bite him. Before we get out of here, Dave, we turn back to you on the law. And the feds indicated they should wrap up within a couple weeks. And it reminds me of an old quote, Ari, from Chief Justice Roberts, tables, turn bridges burn, you live and learn. Or maybe it was Drake, one of the two. Coming up in just 30 seconds, we take a turn to another important legal case, because we have been covering this day after day.

MELBER: A key witness for the prosecution delivering a key moment inside the courtroom at the Chauvin murder trial we have been covering. Now, this is a world-renowned pulmonologist, Martin Tobin, identifying, as grim as it is, important to the case, the precise moment when George Floyd died. Now, Chauvin at this point was looking down during that key medical testimony.

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The observers we have say that this jury, which is anonymous, were very attentive, taking notes at this moment. This is obviously a key moment, when you have a murder trial. TOBIN: No, the knee remained on the neck for another three minutes and two seconds after we reach the point where there is not one ounce of oxygen left in the body.

When you hear that measurement, three minutes afterward, you are getting into an evidentiary version, which is to say the medical evidence, supporting what could be and what prosecutors say is part of the reason that the jury should find Chauvin was a murderer. And this is also potentially important. We cover the evidence, and we wait for the verdict. This testimony today seemed like the kind of thing that could make you angry and see how a jury might be leaning towards the prosecution side of the case, because, boy, did it paint a medically evidentiary supported negative view of defendant Chauvin.

And that definitely shows. Details like that never hurt, because trial is theater. What was stood out the most is that he did this pro bono. And they can pick at little things and say, well, what about this factor or does this give you doubt? And they only need to find one juror who might be interested in that reasonable doubt. And all of that is coming directly down on Mr. I think this testimony helps though I have to be honest with you. It kind of all stacks up. We will be covering the defense as well when we get there. There have been multiple mass shootings.

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And, today, Biden made the focus gun reform, calling on Congress to go ahead and ban these assault weapons, and pointing out this does have the support of many Republican voters, even while, in D. Biden made a similar argument on infrastructure just a day ago, and has been on it for a while. They want everything that is in the plan. Not a joke. They had support of both Democrats and Republicans.

This is not a partisan issue among the American people. His name is Michael Steele. And you need me to do this, because you want me to do this. You see it now with infrastructure. And the polling is reflecting that, because voters are setting aside the sort of partisan aspects of this game and saying: Look, I have been unemployed for the past year.

And it really also speaks to the vulnerability of part of the Republican Party, after the MAGA meltdown, the insurrection, and the parts of the country club conservatives who may not want to be down with all this. And I will say something, Michael.

I worked in the Senate.

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And at the time, even among Democrats who liked Biden, he was not then seen as a political mastermind or super agile. Here we are, 70 days in. He seems to be very agile at working with a increasingly broad Democratic coalition, while really thumping on McConnell every week.

And Trump, of course, showed them to be fools on that. And I gave you this to note on that point. He has acknowledged the sin at the border. But he is also putting it in the context of everything else that we need to have done. I was outside. And I realized I had to get it and hang with my boy Ari. I listen from -- to the viewers all the time.

But I think some viewers like it when they see our experts -- I mean, everyone knows you got the goods, you got the diplomas, you ran the party -- when they see a little more casual Steele. I mean, James is my boy.

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