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Garrick Merrifield is one of Seeking Sister Wife 's least popular stars, and here's the newest reason why fans are currently upset with the polygamist. Garrick's relationship with his year-old wife Dannielle Merrifield has been complicated, and fans agree Garrick has been unfair to her throughout his quest for plural marriage.

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After details of Garrick's plan to start a family with Roberta behind Dannielle's back reached audiences, fans have found the Seeking Sister Wife star to be completely unbearable. Garrick and Dannielle were married for over a decade before they starred in Seeking Sister Wife season 3. On top of their long-lasting marriage, Garrick and Dannielle have two sons, Geremiah and Solomon. Garrick and Dannielle's family experienced drastic change when Garrick decided he wanted to transition from a monogamous relationship to a polygamous one.

Garrick claimed he found inspiration to open his marriage to another wife in the Bible. Garrick recalled that there were plenty of men with multiple wives featured in the Bible and God loved them. Garrick interpreted this as God telling him to lead a polygamist lifestyle.

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Fans called out Garrick's motivation as hypocritical when he took part in pre-marital sex, an act condemned by the Bible. Dannielle was apprehensive to go along with Garrick's idea to transition from monogamy to polygamy.

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Dannielle was nervous that she would not receive enough attention from Garrick with another wife in the picture. Ultimately, Garrick convinced Dannielle to trust him and search for a third partner. Garrick and Dannielle found Roberta, a year-old woman from Brazil, who was eager to their marriage. In order for Roberta to move in with Garrick and Dannielle in the United States, she needed to obtain a marriage visa. This required Dannielle and Garrick to get a divorce. Although Garrick and Dannielle stayed together after their legal divorce, fans viewed this as the symbolic end of their healthy relationship.

From this point on, even Dannielle's mother disliked how Garrick treated Dannielle. After getting a divorce, Garrick and Dannielle traveled to Mexico to meet Roberta. During their vacation, Garrick spent every night with Roberta.

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Garrick's treatment of Dannielle during the couple's trips to Mexico is what caused fans to grow frustrated with the polygamist on Twitter. Without Dannielle's knowledge, Garrick and Roberta had sex. Unfortunately, this was only the beginning of Garrick and Roberta's habit of developing their relationship behind Dannielle's back.

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On their second trip to Mexico, Garrick and Roberta decided they wanted to try for a baby. Dannielle was not included in the conversation to expand their family and fans found this indefensible. Starting to [lose] patience Whether he is starting a new family without talking to Dannielle about it or making up his own religious rules as he goes along, Garrick has angered his reality show's audience.

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Hopefully, Dannielle can find refuge in Seeking Sister Wife fans' online responses to Garrick's selfish actions. Source: Twitter.

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Woman seeking sex Roberta

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'Seeking Sister Wife': Garrick Merrifield dubbed 'creepy SOB' for calling Dannielle large and Roberta small