Want to get into slacklining

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I just recently got a slack line and I love it!

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I still use a top line to hold myself, and I was wondering if there was an easy method that I could use to practice balancing without using the line. If you want to learn faster you absolutely MUST get rid of the top line. Start with a short and low line. I'd say feet long and lower than groin height so you don't rack yourself if you fall with one leg on each side of the line.

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Rig the line as tight as possible. Then start as close as possible to one end of the line because it's more taught there and the line wobble has a smaller amplitude. Then just stand up on the line with one leg.

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Do it again. Over and over and over until you get it. You will make a surprising amount of progress in just one hour. Come back for another hour practice session a few days later and after two or three days of this you'll probably be able to take a few steps. Here are some tips that helped me:. I cannot overstate how important this is.

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When you get up on the line, stand tall on one big aggressive motion. You don't want to be tentative here.

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You want to put all your weight on the line as quickly as possible because that will reduce the line wobble. Find a small fixed point at the other end of the line and stare at it like your life depended on it. This is incredibly important. I usually try to find a small splotch on the tree at about eye level. If you're using a post or something with no visually distinct markings, then stare at the point where the other end of the line meets the tree or something. All you need is some small fixed point near the horizon.

Hold your arms up out to the side so your upper arms are parallel to the ground and your forearms are vertical. This allows you to have some control over your balance by swaying your forearms left or right. Practice standing up with both legs. From the left side of the line stand up on your right leg, and from the right side of the line stand up on your left leg. It's very important to work on both. Walking requires that you be able to balance on both legs, so you might as well start working them both from the beginning. Once you're doing all of the above, work on your static balance first before trying to walk.

There are two kinds of balance you want to work on:. With a single leg you actually have more control because you can use your free leg to counter-balance you. But with two feet on the line you'll notice that the line wobbles less. The line will wobble uncontrollably at first and there's not much you can do about it. But if you stand up on one leg and then quickly put the other foot on the line you'll discover that the wobble slows down noticeably. Practice both of these types of balance because you'll need them both to progress to walking.

Keep you arms up overhead but loose and relaxed. The arms act like a tail. It's advanced to walk with the arms down.

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If you find yourself always falling to one side, then you need to purposely make yourself bail out to the other side so you could feel what it's like to go too far the other way, so you could find center. If you want to learn how to ride a bike like a grown-up, you need to loose the training wheels, and be willing to take the risk of falling as you learn, right?

But other than the top-line, ski poles can be a good training aid. I quite like this video showing how you can help someone to balance without them just leaning on something. We started with a helper stick and a low, tight line. Having a friend as a potential lean point is how I introduce new slackers.

Both work well. There's isn't really an "easy method". Ditch the top line and dedicate hours of time to standing up and taking a step. You'll fall a lot, but that's okay. Not slacking right now. Found the internet! Beginner tips for slacklining. Posted by 4 years ago. Sort by: new suggested. There are two kinds of balance you want to work on: Single leg balance Balance with two feet on the line With a single leg you actually have more control because you can use your free leg to counter-balance you.

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Want to get into slacklining

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Beginner tips for slacklining