Teen top for London

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There are now over 20 Madame Tussauds worldwide. But the original is right here in London. It makes for some serious belly laughs and pretty awesome pictures to immortalize the moment. There are even some original pieces from the founder herself, and an incredible, record-smashing Hulk figure — the biggest wax statue of any Madame Tussauds in the world. On top of that, there are some truly spectacular multisensory attractions that will immerse you in the realms of Star Wars, Marvel, or Alien with state-of-the-art 4D cinematics and meticulously deed sets.

Nothing inspires angsty teen poetry quite like watching a lunchtime piranha feeding frenzy. There are graceful rays, beautiful sea turtles, sea horses, sea dragons, and hundreds of tropical fish species. You can also see some animals that spend time outside of water such as crocodiles, penguins, and even tarantulas big enough to devour birds.

The aquarium regularly engages in conservation efforts such as coral propagation and endangered species breeding programs, so it will surely please the socially aware Gen Z-sensibilities of the modern teenager.

Have your adolescents been acting up again? Send them to the dungeon!

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For the thrill-seekers, the dungeon is also home to two very dark, very scary rides. Worried your kids might be too scared for this experience? Visitors may also opt out of the rides. Are they more into space and technology? The Science Museum will keep their curious minds intrigued for hours on end. Visit the Natural History Museum, with its vast array of Earth and geography-themed exhibitions, and its famous earthquake simulator.

Nothing spoils the holiday mood quite like a hangry teenager. Ward off those grumpy groans and hunger pangs by treating them at a cool dinner spot they can brag about to their friends. Try Inamoa chain of swanky pan-Asian restaurants, which makes great use of cool technology. Not only can they order their dinner from touch screen tables, but they can also control the lighting, play retro games, make digital table art, and even watch the chef prepare their food with a kitchen-cam.

Oh, and the food is also to die for! Sometimes though, the only meal you need is cereal — many teens are aware of this fact. So, score a parenting win by dining in a unique, first-of-its-kind restaurant, Cereal Killer Cafe. This all-day breakfast t offers too many types of cereal to count. From American sugar bomb classics to more exotic and nutritious fare.

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When in doubt, some retail therapy is always the answer. Have you already visited London with teenagers and hit these top attractions?

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Find even more to do by browsing all the top attractions your teens will love in London. Judd is a multilingual American who likes to spend his days with copious amounts of pop culture, sci-fi and baking. All Christmas Easter Halloween. July 23, - Updated on July 21, Reading Time: 8 mins read. Skip to a section. Tags: London.

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Teen top for London

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The 9 Best Things to Do in London with Teenagers