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Trying to figure out why your partner left you can become the bane of your existence. Even if there appears on the surface to be an obvious and uncomfortable reason, your brain will search for answers that feel satisfying and rational. The truth is that there are probably a million reasons for his or her departure, but the one you choose to believe will set the tone for your perspective, attitude, and experience going forward.

The first reason is practical and plausible; the latter can be a devastating blow to the heart and ego. You may never get the answer you are looking for from your partner, but there are several common reasons why someone leaves a relationship. Below are the top five reasons for leaving that I hear about while working with divorcing couples in my therapy practice. This is one of the most common reasons people leave a relationship. How to cope: As hard as it is, try not to take this personally.

Heal your ego and your heart first, and then see where you stand with your emotions. Your partner felt like you became more like a sibling than a partner. Many committed relationships and marriages, particularly those that start at a young age, turn from romantic to familial. These are hard situations because there is still a strong emotional connection, but no physical connection.

Many people choose to stay in these kinds of marriages, but for many, giving up romance and sex is just not an option.

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How to cope: If this is the reason for your divorce or breakup, you probably had a good go of it. Cherish what you had, and work on closing that chapter as you prepare for the next. Your partner felt ignored and unappreciated. If you underappreciated your partner or neglected to nurture the bond between you, your partner might have broken off like a dead limb on a tree. This all may be true, but once the life goes out of the partnership, it takes a lot of work to cultivate it back to where it needs to be.

How to cope: Work on taking responsibility for your part, forgiving yourself for what you could have done differently, and letting go of how you think it should have been. Try to relinquish anger and resentment to create space for understanding and growth. Your partner met someone else. The message is so strong and clear when there is infidelityunlike opaque reasons such as boredom or lack of compatibility.

Coming back from an affair is possible, but most often the trust is severed and cannot be recovered. How to cope: Try not to take too much of a righteous or moral stance. This always seems like something that can be worked on or fixed, but when two people live separate lives, they can eventually grow too far apart. This happens slowly and mysteriously until, one day, there are no common interests and someone gets bored and wants to move on.

In many cases, there were no common interests to start with, making coming back together even harder. How to cope: This is a great opportunity and time to ask yourself what you want to do with your time and how you want to live. As hard as it can be to lose your partner, there probably is some part of you that shut down or got lost in the relationship.

Rediscover that now. Coping with the end of a relationship can be difficult on many levels. There is no shame in seeking professional support from a counselor or therapist if you need or want it; help is available. All rights reserved. Permission to publish granted by Andra Brosh, PhD. The preceding article was solely written by the author named above. Any views and opinions expressed are not necessarily shared by GoodTherapy. Questions or concerns about the preceding article can be directed to the author or posted as a comment below.

Please fill out all required fields to submit your message. How can I make myself feel better and sleep better? Hi Katelyn. Thank you for your comment and for visiting the GoodTherapy blog. Please if you have any questions. The first reaction is to blame blame blame. How about that? What about 6…You were just an abusive alcoholic and I was sick and tired of being your punching bag? The one rule of Christianity is forgiveness. The devil has taken him or her over but it is up to you to be the bigger person and fight through it.

The more you attempt to this the farther you push your spouse toward what the evil wanted to begin with, loneliness, despair, and hurt. None of these are what God intended for marriage. Forgive and love, indefinitely. Are we supposed to stay through that too? I started this relationship and had a son at age 19 years. I did it all. I did not seek another relationship because I honoured my commitments and the Lord but in my husband finally disclosed that he was suffering from Cancer.

Suffering from Depressing and other sickness as gotten worse for me. I had two children who needs to complete their dreams. My kinds and I are are now stuck between the rock and a hard place. I tried under the circumstances but we need temporary help moving forward. And more. Only 5? And it definitely should not be limited to the 5 mentioned here. If you are married and these things happen, underlying all of it, if there is a commitment to stay the course, and do the work to overcome these sorts of issues, couples can come back from all sorts of problems.

People need real information or else they divorce prematurely and they often go on to divorce again and again more research! I agree.

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My husband was self-centered and his way or the highway, very critical and emotionally abusive, cold, cold, cold but we were always able to make up and have hung I n there 26years. But in the last 7months, he abruptly changed, despises me even talking or trying to work things out. It really hurts. He also sleeps in another room if I pursue him or attempt to resolve anything or he leaves the house. I feel for you. My husband of 32 years has just announced that he never loved me and is moving out. To make it all worse, I had no idea. I thought we had a decent marriage. My heart aches with yours.

Just before our 26th wedding anniversary my wife told me she no longer wanted to be in a relationship. We are separated now for 6 months. We have kids high school age. I still love her and want to be with her for the rest of my life. This has been like going through the pain of a deaths. And I have plenty of divorced friends who are now happy. Hang in there. Jeez, sounds like the 26 year itch. He had itchy feet a few years ago and spent some time travelling and living in different states for work but in the end he came home.

Barking dogs are stressing him out and him yelling at the neighbours stresses me out. Very sad and bewildering for those of us in long term relationships. In a way i feel the same way. It is the hardest thing I ever been through. It is you used to do thisyou used to do that. He started arguements out of no where and said it was me. I knew it was something. So he had plenty of time to do what he wanted to do. Never asked how I was, if I am okay, nothing. But I have no choice but to pick up my own pieces and move on because he left me with no choice. He is worried about more his material things than me or our marriage.

He ask me to hire someone to put his things in storage. He left me broke. I still love him but at the same time I have to learn to stand by myself. I started loving my wife when I was We started dating at 17 and married at Im now She has always suffered from mental health issues and I have been there for her come hell or high water.

I stopped 2 suicide attempts, had to commit her to hospitals until she got out of her dark spots. I have had to monitor her medication intake and times for years to ensure her safety on her request. We have a son who is just under 2 and was born 10 weeks early. My wife started suffering from post partem depression around his first birthday and I have been watching her slowly recede into herself over the last 9 months. Still, up until a week ago, she said she loved me, loves being with me and having a family… etc. On Valentines day, she decided to tell me she doesnt love me and has in fact hated me for the last 15 years, though showed no s of it.

She moved out without telling me on Valentines day when I was at work. Both child services and the police realized the inaccuracies and now I have our son full time. I believe it is due to her sickness as we were two peas in a pod for the last 19 years.

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Now, she wont even speak to me as apparently Ive never helped her, or understood her sickness in her eyes. I have now lost my wife, my best friend and my confidant. I still love her with all my heart but she continues to treat me worse and worse. I kiss a picture of us as a family every night, kiss the wedding rings she left and wish on a star for us as a family.

She has not even called to see how our son is doing and its been 10 days. I have full custody at the moment of our son for his safety…. As of now, it has left me heartbroken. Ive taken 2 sessions of therapy now as I was so devastated and one thing I was told is that Im not alone.

Seeking smart skinny georgous super Sandy girlfriend

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