Seeking arrangement with college age girl

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Two young white women — one holding a lollipop in a Sugar Baby University t-shirt and a plaid miniskirt, the other in a low-cut yellow dress — flank a chalkboard.

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Below the board is a shelf of leather-bound tomes. This means relationships that have an explicit financial agreement built into them, in which an older person pays a younger person to go on dates and sometimes to have sex. Babies and parents can be of any gender, but the website almost exclusively presents babies as women and daddies as men. Payment can be in cash, checks, presents and expensive meals, as well as vacations or shopping trips.

The problem is the way this company is advertising sex work. Being a sugar baby is just part of a high achievement lifestyle: Gina prioritizes her education, and sugaring is a means to that end. After hearing so many friends of friends talk about using Seeking Arrangement, I checked it out. As I stare at the computer, the twitches and grows before my eyes. It is a panic-inducing figure, stretching across the screen. Connect with generous benefactors on SeekingArrangement. Seeking Arrangement encourages and incentivizes new ups to register using their college s, so that their website can boast a list of the colleges where the most students use Seeking Arrangement.

This in turn works to attract even more college students to up, assuring them that sugaring is done at big schools and normalizing the practice. Sugar Baby University even has its own so people can find college girls easily to help them out of student debt. In newspaper and magazine articles, and on the Seeking Arrangement website itself, there is a trend of vivid imagery, an invocation of the school fees, the books, the lab equipment sugar babies pay for with their sugar money. You can almost feel the weight of the textbooks they rush back to campus to buy. The Seeking Arrangement press kit includes a list of the schools with the most sugar babies and a pie chart detailing what sugar babies spend their money on.

According to the logic of the website, although she is working for money, it is not her, the sugar baby, who pays for her college. Because her work is dating or having sex with a sugar daddy, it is the daddy who pays for college. The allure of a college student sugar baby goes beyond the obvious savior complex.

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The sugar baby is not a sexy school girl, but rather a school girl who, if so inclined, sometimes has sex. The Sugar Baby University model asks women to compartmentalize those two identities, a sexual person and studious chem major, within a single body. It lets daddies fantasize that when he meets his sugar baby in the bar she will act sexy, but as soon as he drops her off at the campus gates, she will go straight to the bookstore.

Seeking Arrangement also wants to appeal to potential sugar babies. With the sugar daddy, she is vaulted into the realm of lavish dinners, shopping sprees, and impromptu vacations. The advertisements suggest that when you sugar, your education goes from constant work to a smooth ride. In a promotional video for Sugar Baby University, an SBU logo appears over a fictional college campus and we watch white women jog in high heels between sleek classrooms where, instead of studying, they browse SeekingArrangement.

They appear to be running from casting call to casting call. When an SBU student graduates, she is greeted by her sugar daddy with a chaste cheek peck and they drive away in his Porsche. In this video, Sugar Baby University is quite literally an educational institution, a real live college campus. It feels to me as though Seeking Arrangement wants me to equate sugaring with being a model.

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The paradox here, in my mind, is that most models are notoriously underpaid. When I think of modeling, I think of the allure as the glamour and the lifestyle, rather than the work. The framing of Sugar Baby University as a sunny campus where students attend casting calls instead of class ignores the fact that sugar babies are working in order to earn money.

The other night, a friend told me a story about someone who worked as a sugar baby during graduate school. During this time, she used money from a daddy to pay for an apartment. This is a good thing, but it also feels eerie, as though Seeking Arrangement as a company also wants us to talk about sugaring in this way. But because Sugar Baby University presents the sugar baby as doing no work — as getting free money, having someone else pay for college — it acts as though there is no emotional labor or physical risk involved with sugaring.

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Tapper can be reached at malaika. Relationships facilitated by Seeking Arrangement have an explicit financial agreement built into them, in which an older person pays a younger person to go on dates and sometimes to have sex. By Malaika K. Tags Introspection.

Seeking arrangement with college age girl

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