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The Dance Corner is thrilled to present an annual recital each June. Participation in the recital is optional. It is a very positive, fun-filled experience for the dancers that allows them to put their hard work on display for family and friends.

Miss Amy and the teaching staff are on stage to help guide younger students through their routines if needed. Each standard class will have an opportunity to perform in the recital. Costumes: Costumes will be selected by each teacher and are yours to keep after the recital. Recital performances are professionally videotaped and photographed. Videos and photos can be purchased through TDC and its vendors. Personal photography and videography is prohibited during the recital as it is a distraction to the dancers and the other families in the audience. Personal photography and videography is permitted and encouraged during the dress rehearsal.

Rehearsals for each class may not occur in the same order as the recital schedule.

Classes are not held the day of dress rehearsal. If your child takes a Friday class, please plan to have them attend a makeup class in advance.

Please meet at the school auditorium for dress rehearsal. Dressing rooms are not available during dress rehearsal. Please arrive with your child in costume. Helping parents are not available during the dress rehearsal. The finale will not be rehearsed. However, if your child is interested in watching other routines, you are welcome to remain in the audience. This is the often the only opportunity our dancers get to see other dances as they will be in the dressing rooms during the recital performance.

Recital Schedules: The Dance Corner typically runs two recital shows. Different dances perform in each show. If your child takes a Saturday class, please plan to have them attend a makeup class in advance. Due to the size of the current enrollment, it is virtually impossible to place dancers with multiple routines or dancers with siblings in one show. It is very likely that a family with more than one child or that takes multiple classes may need to attend two shows. If your child ren are in more than one show, you will be provided with a set of tickets the to second show at no charge ex.

On the day of recital, dancers should report to their ased dressing room 30 minutes before the start of the show. Dressing room asments will be posted in advance at the studio and will be posted in the lobby of the school on the day of the recital. For the safety of our dancers, no dancer is permitted to leave before their recital show is over. All dancers are expected to participate in the finale. Tickets for the recital should be ordered in advance.

Advance order tickets are offered at a discounted rate. Unsold tickets will available for purchase at the recital.

Tickets are not required for children under age 3 if they are sitting in a parent's lap. No tickets need to be purchased for any performers in the show in which they are dancing. Please visit Studio Forms to download your forms. Forms and payments should be submitted to the studio office. Each recital performance is professionally videotaped. Personal videography is not permitted at the recital for the safety of our dancers and out of consideration for other audience members.

If your child is in more than one show, separate recordings must be ordered. Videos can be ordered in advance or up to one week following the recital. Personal videography is permitted and encouraged at the dress rehearsal. Each recital performance is professionally photographed. Personal photogrpahy is not permitted at the recital for the safety of our dancers and out of consideration for other audience members.

Photos will be available for purchase ten days after the recital. Families will receive an with online ordering information when photos are ready for viewing. Personal photography is permitted and encouraged at the dress rehearsal. Additionally, there will be a step and repeat banner set up in the lobby outside the auditorium for families to take individual or group pictures as they wish. Please tag us in your pictures on Facebook thedancecornerinc and Instagram thedancecornerlife. Our dancers love our recital shirts because they are a reminder of their hard work and the excitement of performing in front of an audience.

Commemorative T-Shirts are personalized with a list of all participants on the back. Many of our dancers continue to wear their recital shirts for many seasons in class, at WWPDC rehearsals, and at their home schools!

These commemorative T-Shirts must also be ordered in advance. Boosters are a wonderful way to wish your dancer luck on their performance or congratulate them on a year of hard work and memories. Boosters can be personalized with a photo of your dancer.

Business are also available — please consider advertising your small business or reaching out to a community business. The West Windsor Plainsboro Dance Company provides opportunities for seasonal performances beyond a traditional recital. What do you love about being an Elite Team dancer? Never too old. Seasonal offerings for dancers at all levels in multiple styles. Competition Team.

An audition only team that competes at regional and national dance competitions.

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