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If you found a phone in a restaurant bathroom and couldn't find the owner, what would you do? According to a recent experiment by Symantechalf of you would contact the owner to return the phone. But more than half of you would likely succumb to the desire to snoop into the life of the smartphone owner by surfing through the apps and files therein.

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Based on theit appears that celeb hacker Christopher Chaney isn't the only one addicted to spying. Symantec's unwitting guinea pigs happened upon the smartphone bait on benches, in elevators and in bathrooms. Some 43 percent of finders clicked on an app labeled "online banking.

Social networking tools and personal e-mail were checked by 60 percent.

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And a folder labeled "private photos" tempted 72 percent. Should you unwisely keep naked photos on your phone or computerbe sure to put them in a folder with a title that will discourage peeking, such as "Meals I've Eaten," "Me and Granny," or "Kenny G's Greatest Hits. When we think we're not being watched, we give in to dark impulses.

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Of course, it's possible that some of those snooping in and social networking files were doing so in order to identify the owner and return the phone or at least, that's what they told themselves while they were doing it. And that, my friends, is why you should immediately put a password on your phone, whether to protect it from some stranger who finds it in the future or from your equally curious friends and loved ones.

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Nude people in Mobile

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People Who Find Lost Phones Will Reliably Go Looking For Nude Photos, Will Not Reliably Return Phone