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City Hall and annex city offices are open for walk-in visits. New York City was the first city to be given the right to issue traffic tickets for going through a red light by using camera technology. At this time Yonkers, is authorized to install red light cameras at 25 intersections within the City.

The first red light camera in Yonkers became operational on October 1, In Yonkers, the installation of the cameras includes sensors built into the roadway well before the stop line which determine how fast a vehicle is going and calculates whether the vehicle can stop whenit gets to the stop line and before the light turns red. If the program calculates that a vehicle cannot stop in time, then it takes a picture once the vehicle has passed over the sensors, the vehicle is at the stop line and the light is red.

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It then takes a second picture approximately two seconds later when the vehicle is within the intersection. At the same time a 24 hour video is recording the intersection. Videos are not required by law, only the photo images are required. Videos are required for right turn on red without stopping to ensure that the vehicle did not actually stop.

Cameras are well back from the stop line in order to capture the rear of the vehicle and the intersection. The events are reviewed to ensure a violation has actually taken place. If it has, the video, through an automated process is cropped to 12 seconds for each violation to show the vehicle in question approaching the intersection, passing the stop line and going through the intersection.

This information is reviewed to make sure the vehicle information matches the plate and the vehicle in the pictures. If everything matches, the images are made available to the City of Yonkers, and a City employee reviews the still photographs and the video and checks that the plate and vehicle information matches the pictures. If the vehicle has indeed passed over the stop line when the light was red, and passes into the intersection impeding the cross lane of traffic or continues through the intersection, the employee approves the violation.

Included on the notice are three pictures. One is a close up of the rear of the vehicle and the plate. The second shows the vehicle at the stop line and the traffic al is in the red phase. The third picture shows the vehicle going through the intersection. Below DATE is the date of the violation. If the speed limit on the street is 30 mph, then it is a minimum 3 second yellow light; if it is 40 mph then it is a minimum 4 second yellow light.

Below LANE is the lane the vehicle is in. Lane 1 is the lane immediately to the right of the center or double yellow line; lane 2 is the lane immediately to the right of lane 1; lane 3 is the lane immediately to the right of lane 2 and so on over to the curb. Frame A is the first picture — the one with the vehicle at the stop line.

Frame B is the second picture — the one with the vehicle within the intersection. Pictures are not taken unless a vehicle crosses the stop line when the light is already in the Red Phase. Anyone who stops before entering the cross lane of traffic, even if they have traveled past the stop line, will not receive a violation as long as they are not impeding traffic.

If the vehicle has gone over the stop line, the crosswalk and is in the cross lane and impeding traffic, a ticket will be issued. Violations are not issued to anyone who has passed the stop line on the green or yellow phase and then had to stop in the intersection due to traffic. You must move your vehicle out of the way for emergency vehicles as per NYS law. If you do and there is a red light camera at the intersection, you will NOT receive a violation if you had to move through the red light to get out of the way of an emergency vehicle. You will NOT receive a violation if a Police Officer or flagman waves you through an intersection with a red light camera.

If you receive a red light camera violation in the mail after receiving a Moving Violation from a Police Officer for the same red light at the same time, the red light camera ticket will be dismissed once you send in a copy of the moving violation.

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We recommend everyone view their video online at www. Videos are not required by law, but when available it can show exactly what transpired. The still pictures are also available online and are larger than the ones on the Notice of Liability. Jump to sub Active Red Light Camera Locations 1.

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Mature dating Yonkers New York

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