Looking a down to earth women

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Having realistic expectations and being able to handle disappointment gracefully. She doesn't need heaps of money or to be pampered in order to be happy. She can laugh at herself when she messes up. There should also be little-to-no drama or crying involved when discussing wedding costs. If you have a girlfriend, friend, sister, whatever, and you've ever felt the need to respond to her statement of any expectation with "Bitch, are you high?

My SO forgot to open our bedroom window properly before trying to look out of it to see if she could spot her friend walking down the street. All I heard was this really loud noise, followed by half laughter half "ooowww! I walked into the room and realised what she'd just done, shook my head and walked away chuckling to myself.

Adding to this: Not into playing mind games, not being passive-aggressive, and is direct. One big factor is not treating people as though they're below her. She's down to earth if she gives the same basic respectful treatment to people even if they're less attractive than her, less well-off than her financially, less popular than her socially, etc. This is the main one for me. Just not thinking she's better than others because she has a better education or a rich father or a higher paying job. Also not patronizing people.

Accepts responsibility for her own decisions. Doesn't get defensive or unresponsive. Doesn't "sweat the small stuff. Basically just your average decent human being. It means she doesn't have the Disney movie expectations of the white knight. She is realistic and doesn't hold this unrealistic standard for life in general. A girl that knows exactly what she wants, not what society says she should want, and sets a reasonable timeline to achieve those things.

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She says something ridiculous. Not hurtful, just like a massive brain fart or simple misspeaking.

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Like she's knowledgeable about marine life and accidentally says "Chark" instead of "Shark". Three weeks later, say I were to hum the jaws theme very off-key and warn her of an impending "chark" attack. If she finds it amusing and can laugh at that, she's down to earth.

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If she gets pissy that I am bringing that up and making fun of her, she's not even close. Well that's not fair what if she gets made fun of for it all the time. My girlfriend is this way. She accuses me of "schemes" whenever I get going on big ideas or projects without the substance to back it up.

She expects better of me every day, more and more, no matter how many times I let her down. I usually just mean that they're not super childish and acting like a college student. You're paying your own bills, you work hard, and you get by without too much complaining.

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God, this is so attractive. Continue this thread. Realisitc expectations was the first thing I thought of. Here's how I would qualify it. I, too, have dated a Mexican woman. Male Yeah, Sandra Bullock is pretty great. Thanks for the advice, dad. More posts from the AskMen community. It's time to stop.

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Looking a down to earth women

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How to Tell If Somebody Is Genuinely Down-to-Earth