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Doja Cat explains how she came up with her stage name, shares a memory from one of her early performances and gives advice for other aspiring artists. Griff discusses how church piqued her interest in music, why she was reluctant to share her songs at first and the process of working on her first full length album. British singer-songwriter Griff describes how seeing her foster family come and go over the years led her to pen the heart-rending lyrics to "Good Stuff. Griff performs her haunting song of heartbreak, "Good Stuff," in the peaceful surroundings of a forest.

Griff reveals what song reminds her of childhood, which song she wishes she'd written and what she listens to after a breakup. Griff explains how listening to a lot of Whitney Houston and sitting alone with her thoughts during lockdown led her to create "One Night. Griff takes to the wilderness to perform her single "One Night," a tune about getting over a lost love.

British singer-songwriter Griff chats about her dream tour lineup, the album she could listen to forever and how difficult it was to walk a literal tightrope for her album cover. Indie-pop songwriter girl in red takes on questions prompted by her song titles, revealing her idea of a perfect day, the wildest thing she's done for love and what's on her bucket list.

Behind the 'Gram with girl in red. Norwegian singer girl in red gives insight on her Instagram posts, including the ificance of the cake she got to celebrate her album release and why she posed with a mannequin. Olivia Rodrigo on Why "drivers " Resonates. Olivia Rodrigo describes her songwriting process and ventures to explain the almost universal appeal of her emotional song "drivers ," which she cowrote with producer Daniel Nigro. Olivia Rodrigo explains how she wrote "deja vu" with her songwriting partner Dan Nigro by focusing on powerful, resonant images and using the sounds that felt most authentic to her.

Olivia Rodrigo reveals the song that reminds her of her childhood, what she listens to before a night out, a song she wishes she'd written, her go-to karaoke jam and more. Olivia Rodrigo shares stories about her earliest memories of writing songs, what inspires her to create music, how being more disciplined has improved her writing and more. The Kid LAROI discusses how his mom's musical taste influenced his decision to become a rapper, why creativity can't be scheduled and why it's important to ignore negativity as an artist.

Madison Beer discusses the musical influences behind "Sour Times" and explains how the song is a message to anyone who takes advantage of emotionally vulnerable people. Behind the 'Gram with Madison Beer. Madison Beer offers an inside look at the stories behind her favorite Instagram photos, from stepping outside of her fashion comfort zone to summer memories with her best friend. Singer-songwriter Madison Beer answers personal questions based on the titles of some of her songs, including "Good in Goodbye," "Dear Society" and "Baby. Long Island native Madison Beer chats about getting her start in music asfinding the confidence to write her own songs and the special connection she has with her fans.

Madison Beer names the songs she associates with being backstage before performing, her childhood, love, breakups, dancing, karaoke and more. Madison Beer used "Selfish" as on opportunity to be more honest with fans about her emotions and heartbreak, and the lyrical departure allowed her to try new things musically.

Big Latto remembers how a Gucci Mane track inspired "Muwop," and recalls her reaction to collaborating with him. Big Latto describes the inspiration behind her song "Sex Lies," and why she wanted to work with Lil Baby on the track. Big Latto reflects on her musical upbringing, the inspiration behind her songwriting, paying her dues through the years and representing Atlanta.

Big Latto discusses her Southern roots, her dating dealbreaker and three things most people don't know about her. Big Latto shares stories behind her Instagram posts, including fun from music video sets, her shout-out from Nicki Minaj and life as a dog mom. JC Stewart shares what song reminds him of his childhood, what he listens to before a big night out, his favorite post-breakup jam and more. JC Stewart reveals the story behind his name, when he discovered songwriting, his process for finding a song's melody, why his sister calls him a professional sad boy and more.

JC Stewart opens up about collaborating with fellow Irish singer-songwriter Niall Horan on "Break My Heart" and shares the meaning behind the emotional track. The Kid LAROI names the songs he listens to that remind him of his childhood, before a big night out, before a big show, when he's in love, after a breakup, while doing karaoke and more.

The Kid LAROI uses his songs to describe how he spends his free time, dating deal breakers, dealing with heartbreak, what he's looking forward to and his embarrassing fashion choices.

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SAINt JHN explains how splitting time between Brooklyn and Guyana influenced his worldview, shares the first album he bought and talks about his philosophies on music and life. SAINt JHN shares what song reminds him of his childhood, what he listens to before a night out, his favorite throwback track and more. Ashnikko Discusses Her Single "Daisy".

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Ashnikko breaks down the message behind her feisty, up-tempo track "Daisy," which also happens to be the name of the character she channels when she performs onstage. Ashnikko dives into the collection of songs she curated for MTV PUSH, and shares what song reminds her of childhood and what she listens to after a breakup and before a live performance.

Ashnikko shares three things fans might not know about her, sets the record straight about a rumor and reveals what she does to unwind. Wallows discusses their musical education, early forays into songwriting and what makes their EP "Remote" different from their work. Wallows talks about what makes "Nobody Gets Me Like You " so unique in their catalogue, whom it's about and how some unusual improvisation ended up on the track.

Wallows uses their song titles to answer questions about how they've kept busy during COVID quarantine, what they do to pick themselves up and their eating habits.

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Wallows shares their favorite songs to listen to before playing live shows, when they're in love, when they're blasting music in the car and more. Wallows explains the lyrical inspiration for "Are You Bored Yet? Yungblud reflects on what inspired him to start using makeup and breaks down his fearless approach to fashion as he gives himself a manicure.

Yungblud describes the importance of giving younger generations a voice, being star struck around The Cure's Robert Smith and offers advice to his fans. Tate McRae discusses her first live performance, how her subconscious takes over while she's songwriting and the importance of connecting to her own music. Tate McRae reveals how her song "Vicious" is unlike the rest of her music and shares the story of how the track's sound changed during the COVID lockdown.

Tate McRae shares her favorite song to dance to with friends, what she listens to before a show, her favorite throwback track and more. Benee discusses her parents' role in her exposure to music, how dropping out of college gave her the freedom she needed, and how her creative process has evolved.

Benee talks about how a break up before her move to L. Jack Harlow talks about the reactions he received after recording "Whats Poppin" and the song's mix of bravado and substance. Kentucky-born artist Jack Harlow explains how his writing process changed once he started recording music in Atlanta and the inspiration behind his song "2Stylish. Rapper Jack Harlow discusses his upbringing in Louisville, KY, why his songs feel like short films and how his confidence took him from a school talent show to stardom. Rapper Jack Harlow discusses his favorite track before a big night out, the song he can't stop listening to and what helps get him into a sexy mood.

Jack Harlow reveals the most lavish gift he bought himself, his style inspirations and the personality traits he looks for on a date. Jack Harlow discusses the relatability of his music video for "Whats Poppin" as he makes his favorite culinary dish: a double-decker Texas toast grilled cheese. The multitalented artist shares how "Say So" became an anthem for timid suitors and how she was inspired by 70s funk music.

Doja Cat explains how she came up with the provocative hook for "Juicy," why Tyga was a perfect feature and why she doesn't want fans to read too much into the song's message. Doja Cat's wide range of musical influences is apparent as she answers questions about her favorite tracks for going out, getting it on, breaking up and more. Doja Cat reveals the best advice she's ever received, breaks down the bizarre rumors she's heard about her parents and describes her relationship deal breakers.

While deing a floral bouquet, Doja Cat reveals her love of surfing, her gaming guilty pleasure and her plans to enhance future live performances. Rapper Lil Tecca explains how a move to Long Island, NY, led to his making music, reveals his writing process and talks about speaking on behalf of his peers. How Lil Tecca Wrote "Ransom". Lil Tecca recounts the writing process for his hit "Ransom" and explains why he didn't want to overcomplicate the flow. Rising hip hop star Lil Tecca recalls how quickly he wrote his hit "Love Me" and talks about how he came up with the melody first, then wrote lyrics to fit.

Lil Tecca fields as many questions as he can in a minute, covering topics ranging from songs he doesn't like to perform anymore to his thoughts on extraterrestrial life. Pop artist Conan Gray talks about growing up in small-town Texas, acknowledges his early music influences and explains how he's a different person on stage.

Singer-songwriter Conan Gray shares his process for creating "Maniac" and explains how a drunk late-night text from an ex served as inspiration for the cathartic pop song. The artist explains the personal nature of his single "The Story" and why he wishes a song like this existed when he was a lonely year-old growing up in Texas. Pop singer Conan Gray answers as many questions as he can in 60 seconds about whether or not he thinks aliens are real, which artists' songs he wishes he could steal and more.

Conan Gray reveals his ultimate breakup songs, the craziest thing he's ever done for love and which celebrities he'd want in his clique. The young musician ruminates on his love of drawing, deing his own merchandise and expressing himself through fashion. Percy" Came to Be. Percy," from channeling the spirit of Lil Wayne to speaking out for a lost friend. Pop singer AJ Mitchell talks about his musical roots in Illinois, reveals the first song he ever wrote and explains how Bruno Mars inspired his songwriting process.

Pop artist AJ Mitchell shares his process for creating "Unstoppable," including the inspiration behind the track's marching-band beat and why his songwriting is so personal. AJ Mitchell describes hearing "Slow Dance" for the first time, breaks down the track's romantic lyrics and reveals how it felt going to two proms this year. Illinois-born singer AJ Mitchell creates a drawing that mirrors the romantic lyrics of his single "Slow Dance," which features rising pop star Ava Max.

AJ Mitchell answers questions based on the titles of his songs, like his most embarrassing fashion trend, his ideal superpower and his favorite encounter with a fan. AJ Mitchell reveals details about his childhood, his surprising dream collaboration, and how his great-grandparents met Abraham Lincoln. Lewis Capaldi explains how writing "Bruises" was one of many firsts for him and how the song informed the sound on the rest of his debut album. Lewis Capaldi explains his songwriting process for "Someone You Loved" and weighs in on how the song became more than a lovelorn breakup track.

Lewis Capaldi lists his favorite songs for any given situation, from driving around with music at top volume to sitting around before a gig. Ava Max explains the story behind her max-cut hairstyle, gives a quick tutorial on how to achieve the look, then answers questions about herself and her music. Ava Max talks about her road to pop stardom, including the events that sparked her love for music, competing in singing competitions and the artists that influenced her sound. Ava Max tries to beat the clock by answering questions about Netflix, borrowing clothes from friends, how she prefers her coffee and more fun topics in one minute.

Ava Max shares personal anecdotes about her hit song "Sweet but Psycho" and talks about her experiences working with Canadian record producer Cirkut. Ava Max talks about the songwriting process for her single "Torn," and breaks down the message behind the track's lyrics and music video. Kiana Lede answers questions influenced by her song titles, including advice for getting over an ex, her favorite board game, the hardest lesson she's learned and more.

Kiana Lede tests her taste buds as she tries different sauces with fries and reveals three things fans might not know about her. It's a race against the clock as Kiana Lede answers questions about aliens, her parents, tattoos and more. Kiana Lede reveals why her song "Ex" resonates with her, the awkward question she received from her father and what she hopes fans take away from the track. Kiana Lede describes her mindset during the songwriting process for "Bouncin.

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Kiana Lede discusses her upbringing in Phoenix, AZ, how real life influences her songwriting and embracing her individuality. Mabel reveals her love for carbs and her aversion to long phone calls and specifies the one bad habit she'd like to break. Mabel offers advice and support to hotline callers who have questions and concerns about long-distance relationships, dating exclusivity and staying friends with an ex. English pop star Mabel shares her go-to playlist, including the deated songs she listens to when she's in love, heartbroken or going out on the town.

Mabel discusses the writing and recording process for her song "Mad Love. Mabel talks about her upbringing in both London and Stockholm, writing her first song as and developing a fearless writing process for her album "High Expectations. The guys of CNCO lay down some beats for freestyles about their bandmates, fans and more. CNCO answers questions inspired by their own lyrics, revealing the qualities they look for in a girl, their top tips for dancing to reggaeton and their favorite superheroes.

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