I need a knowledgeable guy

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The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary. Use definitions and examples to help you see how these intellectual terms differ. Think of a store where you, the salesperson, must talk to every customer to find out exactly what they want.

There is nothing on the shelves for them to choose from — only your expertise! That's how online companies work when they don't have a knowledge base for users to look through. Keep reading for examples of knowledge base examples in different industries and tips on how to create your own. All rights reserved. Home Sentence Knowledgeable Knowledgeable sentence example knowledgeable.

Having mastered the knowledge to become a London black cab driver, Serek is now becoming knowledgeable about the overseas property market. The head teacher was knowledgeable in each subject. I have always found Emma Ginn to be immensely knowledgeable and helpful.

He was a knowledgeable chap. They were each knowledgeable in their particular field. Our CPD courses are run by our highly knowledgeable academic staff who are experts in their field. You were better off than before, in terms of making a knowledgeable decision. I meant he thinks so much of you that he even bought a book so he could be knowledgeable about the subject when he talked to you. Regent Holidays has a superb team of extremely knowledgeable tours managers who are very enthusiastic about the areas they cover. We have teachers who are knowledgeable on the subject and, again, we are encouraged by your flexibility.

Our knowledgeablefriendly staff is looking forward to hearing from you. The case worker should be easy to contact and thoroughly knowledgeable in the issues that surround your particular case. Couples today are generally more knowledgeable about diamond quality and therefore choose higher quality, and therefore higher priced, engagement rings. Knowledgeable dealers will be able to give you advice as to the best type of ring and let you know whether any repair or special care is required.

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The owners have been in the business for over 30 years, so they are very knowledgeable about their products. They are small, knowledgeable pieces that fill out a magazine's. If you can prove that you're knowledgeable about the latest health news or that you can distill complex scientific concepts for a lay audience, editors are much more likely to give you a chance to write for their publications.

The company strives for perfection, offering its clients honesty, integrity, competitive prices and knowledgeable associates. A knowledgeable salesperson will guide you to the lightest bag for your height and adjust the straps to create the best fit and balance. The salespeople - who are often also the owners and deers - will be knowledgeable and ready to help tailor a bag to suit your needs. He is knowledgeablehealth conscious and somewhat of a perfectionist. Libra men love women who are knowledgeable about the finer things in life.

Taurus has a penchant for the fine art and fancies himself knowledgeable enough to know what constitutes good art. You'll be more knowledgeable about which shows are appropriate if you watch them first. Your guide will be knowledgeable about all aspects of your tour, from geography through history. The ad was looking for knowledgeable gardeners, RHS members or non-members. It's possible that a technically knowledgeable participant could bypass the security by using system programs of some kind. They were all incredibly knowledgeable about the huge range of vegetables and herbs that they were growing.

Be careful not to try too hard to appear knowledgeable about young people's interests. Leo was a man around thirty years old who seemed very knowledgeable in the rainforest's flora and fauna. There were quite a few listers there, maybe more than were ever actually built, according to one knowledgeable source! He was a knowledgeable and talented magician, as well as a gentle, ethical man who worked to help others. Translate The prince who has little pity of mercy will come through death to change and become very knowledgeable. Ask anyone who is knowledgeable about prints, ' Who were the truly great printmakers?

She is knowledgeable on parliamentary matters related to breast cancer. Learn the theory of pruning and planting roses under the direction of knowledgeable rosarians. But against that you have to set the most knowledgeable salesperson, someone you might want to develop a long-term business relationship with. The restaurant also has a young French sommelier from Normandy who is knowledgeable almost to the point of obsession.

Smith was fortunate to meet Hezekiah Burkitt, a knowledgeable black man, who taught him secrets of the fur trapper trade. I can't imagine jumping with a more friendly, relaxed and knowledgeable bunch than the guys I found at freefall university. Quite apart from being extremely knowledgeablehe 's by far the most entertaining pundit on TV. Learn the theory of pruning and planting roses under the direction of knowledgeable Rosarians. I ca n't imagine jumping with a more friendly, relaxed and knowledgeable bunch than the guys I found at freefall university.

This is called wresting judgment since the more knowledgeable judge is more expert, and can better apply his broader knowledge to each case. However, when you purchase rare coins make sure you only purchase coins that have been graded and authenticated by knowledgeableindustry-embraced grading services.

If you buy a fixer-upper, bring a knowledgeable contractor in with you for an estimate on repair costs. Most knowledgeable employees will be able to guesstimate what will work for you by simply sizing you up, though. Another great reason to buy local is that you know you will be buying plants that will work in your area and you'll likely be able to ask questions about where, when and how to plant the tree and get knowledgeable answers.

If you are inexperienced with adding new hardware to your computer, you may want to seek installation help from a computer repair shop or a knowledgeable friend. If you're not confident in this area, consider bringing a friend with you that is more knowledgeable. They should be able to tell you and if they can't, you might consider buying from a more knowledgeable vendor.

A knowledgeable friend, if available, is an excellent choice. Small, independently owned shops will be your best bet for personalized service and knowledgeable employees. Home improvement stores, such as Lowe's or Home Depot, are the best sources for kitchen sinks and knowledgeable advice about your potential purchase. However, you should be knowledgeable about used RV values before stepping on to the lot. For your guaranteed satisfaction when it comes to knowledgeable employees who will help you decide on the bike that's perfect for your expectations, it's wise to visit a reputable bicycle dealer.

Of course, find someone in the hardware store who is knowledgeable in the equipment, not just someone who can read a fact card because you can do that! Be patient, bring someone knowledgeableand don't be afraid to ask questions. Additionally, if you have questions and a Williams-Sonoma store near you, you can get instant feedback from a knowledgeable employee.

It's mainly because consumers are not very knowledgeable in gold terminology or how to sell it; those thieves take advantage of ignorance and naivety. Children's librarians are very knowledgeable about the books that appeal to kids in certain age groups, so they may be able to offer recommendations, too.

If you are knowledgeable about which kinds of alcohol are complemented by different mixers, craft some new cocktails on your own or consult online sources for interesting twists on the classics. If you are lucky, you will be working with a service with a knowledgeable sales force. With so many options available within the American Express family of products, representatives must be knowledgeable about a variety of items.

American Express strives to give world-class service to customers and aims to have accessible representatives who are knowledgeablecourteous, and responsive. When looking for reliable articles about identity theft, stick with sources that offer knowledgeable advice without packing too much opinion into the article. Hiring a knowledgeable attorney with experience could be substantially cheaper than hiring one who charges what seems to be a cheaper flat rate.

Editors interview experts regularly so you can benefit from the most knowledgeable experts on any given topic. It's variable so it's smart to check with your local utility companies and some knowledgeable installers. Lack of specialist experience - solar installation companies work with solar energy full time and are therefore knowledgeable and experienced.

While expert or knowledgeable fitters may be able to work without help, other people need advice and support. Their staff is knowledgeable and is available to help you with any questions you might have. The Ecology Center offers tips on how installing a do-it-yourself gray water system but warns that it's best to consult a professional who is knowledgeable about not just the system but the permitting required.

Garden centers with trained and knowledgeable staff may also be able to give advice. A knowledgeable renewable energy consultant should be able to simplify the process, while also suggesting alternative plans if necessary. Nutritional stores like Vitamin Shoppe, and GNC specialize in nutritional herbs, and many times the sales people are more knowledgeable about the use of herbs than sales people in a grocery store.

Our knowledgeable writers are continually adding new information that will keep you up to date on the most popular herbal topics and information. The Food and Drug Administration FDA does not regulate herbs, so it's important to be very knowledgeable about what you are putting in your body.

Your dentist is probably the most knowledgeable about what's best for your teeth. With knowledgeable retail staff to assist in finding the right scent, perfume stores within department stores are often the first stop when fragrance shopping. Second, a day trader is in charge of his or her own stock trading decisions, and is therefore motivated to remain knowledgeable about current trends in a particular market sector. These highly knowledgeableand often well-known, individuals host classes on a variety of topics, from new time and budget-saving scrapping techniques to advanced concept dynamics for scrappers looking to turn their passion into profit.

Additionally, lots of vegetarians are knowledgeable about basic cooking methods and skills because they don't follow a traditional meat-starch-vegetable meal plan and by necessity have to get more creative in the kitchen. If you have no idea what you want, getting a knowledgeable representative is imperative. By adding explanations or other unique information to the program, it becomes a welcoming keepsake for guests to make them feel included and knowledgeable about the ceremony.

All of these resources are also helpful for brides who do hire a wedding planner, so they are knowledgeable about area options when speaking with the consultant. Surrey Rides: These quaint horse-drawn carriages can be hired for private tours of the downtown area and knowledgeable drivers offer tidbits of local culture and history throughout the minute ride.

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From choosing a cruise travel agent to Planning a Cruise Itinerary to making the most of your cruise vacation while at sea and in port, you can find knowledgeable articles to assist you while planning your oceanic getaway. There is no doubt you will be awed and inspired by the area surrounding the Nile, thanks to one of the knowledgeable Egyptologists that will be traveling with you.

Sightsee from the boat, eat delicious food, and relax in the company of friendly and knowledgeable crew members. The staff is knowledgeable about river cruises because they've sailed on a variety of waterways, so they can offer helpful booking advice. The breeder should be knowledgeable about the breed's health problems, and be able to give you an idea of his breeding practices to lessen the prevalence of these conditions. A responsible breeder will meet with the family wishing to purchase a puppy to ensure they can provide a healthy environment for the puppy and that they are knowledgeable about the breed.

A Responsible, Recognized Breeder: These breeders are very knowledgeable about the breed, compete in events such as obedience, agility and weight pulling, or show in conformation. Taking advantage of as many opportunities as possible to work with dogs and learn about them is the key to becoming a knowledgeable and balanced trainer. While finding a breeder may not be a problem, finding a qualified and knowledgeable breeder can be. Make sure that the school hires qualified instructors who are knowledgeable about the dog grooming profession and also have excellent teaching skills.

Take care to choose a cultivar that will not cause ecological problems in your area, and when in doubt, consult with a knowledgeable professional. With any luck, the owner or employees are exceptionally knowledgeable and can easily help you find what you're looking for. Usually, store staff are very knowledgeable about music in general, so if you need some pointers in playing tabs, they may be very helpful.

Some people feel that if they don't know all the chords, they are less knowledgeable. However, every potential homeowner who is considering building should be knowledgeable about these main areas. Never buy flooring that cannot be returned without a knowledgeable professional assessing the quality of the wood if you are buying a used product. They do this because they want to ensure that the people who will sell you your decking materials are knowledgeable about the product that they are selling.

A knowledgeable dealer will be able to offer advice. A specialist antique or jewelry store is likely to have a good range of antique jewelry and the sellers will be knowledgeable and be able to give advice. For other men, who often have formal events to attend, or who simply like appearing well dressed for every occasion, being knowledgeable about different knot styles is important.

By being a knowledgeable shopper, you can make the most of your outlet shopping experience. You may be surprised by just how knowledgeable they actually are, and they can help you find the correct fit for your body at the same time. When buying a shirt in a brand you haven't worn before, it's preferable to try it on first and get some assistance from a knowledgeable salesperson. Not only will they stock smaller quantities perfect for residential use, but they also have a knowledgeable staff to consult with regarding substitutions and other questions. You'll also find staff at these stores who are more knowledgeable about organics.

If you shop at a plus size vendor, the salespeople are knowledgeable about full-figured fashions and can help you select the correct item. Along with great styles, the site boasts exceptional customer service and a staff of knowledgeable lingerie consultants. Their employees are knowledgeable and able to answer any questions you might have. Sales staff are also knowledgeable about what curvy women need, like thick and supportive bra straps. Inquire at your gym if there is anyone who is knowledgeable about weight training for seniors.

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In most situations, there was at least one knowledgeable individual who calmed parents' fears about a potential suitor or knew the details of a widow's bounty.

I need a knowledgeable guy

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