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VOX - Feb 9 - Great Expectationswhich existed into the '90s, was the original dating technology, and a national dating franchise. Members recorded a 3-minute conversation with questions like, "Do you work hard? What makes you angry? People loved the richness of the medium. In the past 12 months modern dating apps have stumbled on that same thesis all over again. The earliest video-dating service was a year earlier than GE. A New York-based company called Videomate launched with the ad: "Now, you can see and hear your date on closed-circuit TV before you date.

It's fun! It's riskless! It's new! Feb 09, Permalink Comments 0. See all posts on Great Expectations. Post by Mark Brooks Courtland Brooks. Dec 18, Permalink Comments 0. PR WEB - Aug 29 - Great Expectations was the first to introduce video-dating to the matchmaking process, offer events, activities and travel to their clients, integrate offline dating online, conduct background checks on clients, and they are now offering an all-inclusive concierge service. The concierge will allow clients to request everything for their dating needs, including dinner reservations, event tickets, limos and flowers.

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See full article at PR Web. Aug 30, Permalink Comments 0. Singles can check out what Great Expectations has to offer with making any committment. The open house will be held July 7th from 9am to 4pm at the Great Expectations Phoenix center. Jun 21, Permalink Comments 0. PR WEB - Apr 18 - The year wasAmerica was celebrating the bicentennial, gas was only 59c, the first Apple computer was created and the modern day matchmaker was born.

On February 14,Great Expectations opened their doors for the first time. The idea for video dating came about when founder, Jeffery Ullman, was at a dinner party and ran into an old college friend. She was telling him some of her recent blind-date horror stories. Great Expectations started out as a small family business and has now grown into a multimarket dating service.

In the late 90s they created GE Online, a private website accessible only to GE members to view profiles, watch video interviews, and make their selections. Apr 18, Permalink Comments 0.

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They say she's "being dishonest. Among the company's alleged misrepresentations: ificantly overstating the of eligible members. InGreat Expectations agreed to a settlement that provided partial refunds to some customers and restricted the way the company markets its services in Washington. See full article at Star Tribune.

Oct 31, Permalink Comments 1. So the lonelyhearts shelled out thousands of dollars. Then they waited for love that never came. That led to a complaint filed Tuesday that the Bellevue-based dating service had been overpromising its goods with high-pressure sales pitches. The local affiliate of Great Expectations - a company called DMZ Group, also ed a settlement in which it agreed to restrict its marketing practices and give partial refunds to unsatisfied customers. Dec 02, Permalink Comments 7. This is actually the news for June. We're playing catch up. July and August are in process.

Here's the news we covered for June. Sep 17, Permalink Comments 2. Jul 08, Permalink Comments 2. Jun 24, Permalink Comments 0. Jun 19, Permalink Comments 0. Members are encouraged to seek out matchmakers who have volunteered to act as yentas…and invite friends to and to vouch for them. The site's old-fashioned approach to courtship is one answer to the disappointment reported by online daters.

A JupiterResearch survey found one in three online daters as "somewhat satisfied. Brooks said the chance of hooking up with a friend of a friend is one of the keys to the success of social networking sites like MySpace or Facebook. People can avoid the awkwardness of actually declaring they are single, but don't want to be. Some of Engage's features are specifically deed to turn off would-be "players" who populate other sites. For example, Engage encourages its members to rate one another on "responsiveness," "politeness" and whether a person is "true" to his or her profile.

Mike Murrow has been chronicling his online dating misadventures and said Engage's matchmaker process sounded good but required friends who were extremely committed. Mark Brooks : I think the industry is doing a better job of setting expectations these days.

Online dating takes time. The matchmaking industry is doing well because many people don't want to spend time. They just want dates, and they'll pay for them. There's an opportunity in there somewhere. Apr 09, Permalink Comments 1. LoveAccess has a matchmaking service. Julie brings the personal touch to the personals business. I married the guy who sold me my dating service membership at Great Expectations back in That was 16 years ago and his name was and is Gil Ferman.

Gil and I owned and operated two of the Great Expectation video dating services, the ones in St. Louis and Kansas City and I always loved this business. I think I fell in love with the business at the same time that I fell in love with Gil Ferman. I was going to be producing a lot of events and writing a lot of books and doing a lot of media and speaking appearances. Who do you know?

Who can you introduce me to? That project was really the first hybrid. People would go into a bricks and mortar office, buy a membership and then they would access the membership online privately. They typically start out big without thoroughly testing the sales, service, and technology concepts first. How does your service help singles meet their mates?

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How do you assess people? I really like working with people who are highly desirable and highly selective. People I can naturally relate to. How much do you charge? I only want to work with somebody for 3 to 6 months on an active search. I present the candidates to my clients; I typically refer my top 5 candidates. We use detailed s with current, flattering face and body photos.

Photos matter a lot. I like to have as few surprises on the first date as possible. I present the candidates to my clients privately, so they have a log in and they get to see which candidates I personally selected for them to study. When they are both interested and attracted then the system instantly reveals last name, address and phone.

At a higher service level, which costs twice at much, the client lets me know who he or she is interested in. Where do you find people? I have a big lasso and I use it all the time. At a higher level I provide concierge service. I run a search for them, and give them five candidates.

Wear that good looking blue tie that I like you in. What will be their major challenges?

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One major challenge is that Match. Today I met somebody at Starbucks and I think this guy is fabulous. Anybody can do a search on Match. Getting Jack to say yes to Jill and to do all the right things. I deal with that all the time. I have people on my staff who do nothing but make sure people are responding and make sure that Jack knows to pick up the phone and call Jill and not interview her, not grill her to death but invite the woman out on a date.

And who should pay for the date and how do you behave and where to you meet, and all that coaching. What are your goals for ? Keep making money, baby! And also I will continue to evolve my software system. I am really excited about the industry and doing this thing we call converging. My business is strong and healthy enough and growing that if somebody wanted to have me working side by side with them consulting on their project they would most likely not be able to afford me.

I would have to charge an amount of money that would not make any sense for them to pay. That notion, I would entertain, with the right partnership. Feb 09, Permalink Comments 2. Properties include DreamMates. It also has partnerships with more than other properties, including American Greetings, Great Expectations, Intermix, dating. With its technology refresh, the company has consolidated four systems down to one cluster.

Jan 05, Permalink Comments 1. Online Personals Watch: News on the Online Dating Industry and Business nono fluff, just raw news summaries, official rankings and ceo interviews. Great Expectations Launches Concierge Services PR WEB - Aug 29 - Great Expectations was the first to introduce video-dating to the matchmaking process, offer events, activities and travel to their clients, integrate offline dating online, conduct background checks on clients, and they are now offering an all-inclusive concierge service. The full article was originally published at Chicago Tribune, but is no longer available.

Great Expectations, said the case has no merit and looks forward to going to trial. The Attorney General's office alleged that Great Expectations:.

Great expectations dating free personals

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